Taking it BACK! YES! Jaw-Dropping: Massive Election Results in San Francisco

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Jaw-Dropping: Massive Election Results in San Francisco

Yesterday, voters in San Francisco, California overwhelmingly voted to recall three members of the city’s school board. Voters recalled the school board president, vice president, and commissioner all by over +70%. The parents in San Francisco unified together and let their voice be heard that there was too much focus on social justice, racial issues, and renaming schools and not enough on the student’s education. It can simply be boiled down to parents – voters of all political persuasions – being fed up with school officials prioritizing renaming schools instead of reopening schools. The only reason why the entire school board wasn’t replaced is because others weren’t eligible for recall. Jenny Lam, who is one of the school board members not eligible for recall, had a long-awaited realization after these results: “With this evening’s election, we change course. We now must move forward to focus our energy back on our students and our schools.”

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