The Fix…

Non-Conformance Document: Problem:   Voter Election Process Irregularities 2020 Presidential Election.

Is Condition:

Electronic Abnormalities · Multiple Contractors in Voting Machine Industry · Ballot Control/Processing · Process Verification (poll watching) · Collection and Security of Ballots · Voter Registration Verification and ID · Manipulation of Input data

S/B Condition:

Voters shall be able to trust the Integrity of the Processing of Their VOTE! Without the issues of Does MY Vote Count Trust that their Vote Means Something. · Voices are heard from the people that Voters “We The People” put in Office.


Develop One “Paperless” system. Eliminate Poll Locations · Voter influencing . Electronic voting machines all together Billions of dollars being contributed to manipulate the voting process · Voter ID, Registration Verification process. The United States SHALL build a Centralized National Electronic Voting System. That is managed and processed through the · Social Security Administration System · Adapt Social Security Login processes · Assures Identity and Citizen Requirements’ · Safe and Secure environment

Disposition by: Daniel L Kilgore WWG1WGA